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Welcome Space

Not meeting during July & August


11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Clifton Room & Garden Room


Many people living on their own are worried about the rising cost of living and heating their homes. Here at St John's Church we have created a Welcome Space on Tuesdays where people can meet to have a chat, a cup of coffee and stay on for a soup lunch.

After lunch, some guests leave while others stay on to play games or do craft work including knitting, card making and more chatting. Later, afternoon tea and cake are served and we go home by about 4:00pm.


We are a mixed group, mostly middle aged and older who enjoy chatting and several have mentioned how they enjoy having a meal with somebody to talk to! We ask for a donation of £2.50 to help cover the costs but if people feel unable to contribute, that is not a problem. Getting out of your homes and talking to others is far more important!


Barbara Thompson (01707 665621)

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