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Approach to the Environment - Caring for the Earth

St. John’s Methodist Church affirms that Christian mission includes caring for God's earth and will endeavour to develop both the theology and practical implications of this on a continuing basis.


The Biblical creation stories give human beings privilege and responsibility in relation to the earth and every living creature. We are called to be partners with the rest of creation and co-partners in the ongoing creative and renewing activity of God. Such partnership goes wrong when human beings act as if the whole earth were simply for their present benefit. God's way, revealed in the Bible and particularly in the life, death and resurrection of Christ, is a generous sharing of the divine love to serve the needs of God's creation until it reaches its fulfilment.


Christian mission includes sharing, putting right the relationships within God's creation that have gone wrong, and creating the right balance within us that promotes the good stewardship envisaged in the Biblical vision of the world as it is meant to be.


St. John’s Methodist Church is challenged and encouraged to care for the earth by following sustainable practice and taking into account global and local environmental considerations for present and future generations, in the following ways:


  • In the conservation and use of resources in the Church and at home.

  • In helping to develop more sustainable lifestyles.

  • In active involvement in community initiatives.

  • In concerns for action on global environmental issues.


For further information you can download the following:

Certificate-St John's, Potters Bar - Eco Church Award Bronze.png

St John's now has a Bronze ECO Church Award

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