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Mercy Ships

On 19th April 2020 we were due to have a visit from Leo Cheng from the Mercy Ships

Leo is a surgeon who regularly volunteers on the ship and is also a local preacher

Please look at the various articles below here to get a flavour of the sort of work which goes on

Volunteer surgeon: I rebuild people's faces and their lives (The Guardian)
The ship that saves lives (Waltham Forest Echo)
Mercy Ships Thyroid Poster (Barts Health)
Mercy Mission: all aboard with Mercy Ships off the coast of West Africa (PMFA News)
Mercy Ships' hope and healing in Madagascar (PMFA News)
On the Frontline (Waltham Forest Echo)
The ship "Africa Mercy" is the subect of an episode of the documentary series "Mighty Ships" (season 3, episode 2) on the Discovery Channel

Support for Leo Cheng (single donation)
Support for Leo Cheng (direct debit)

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