Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


Last updated: 1st September 2021

Recommendations following the relaxation of COVID-19 rules (July 2021)

Although the Government COVID rules have now ended, we strongly feel that we should continue to protect one another. As you know, the Covid cases are increasing at present, especially in our area. We therefore ask you to respect these recommendations whilst on our premises. We are delighted that at last we can sing again in Church and have coffee after the service.

Space & Ventilation

As far as possible, avoid close contact with others and make use of the available space. Keep windows and doors open where possible.



When there are a lot of people or you cannot keep a good distance, we recommend that you wear a face covering. Congregational singing is now permitted but if you wish to sing, please wear a mask.


Frequent hand washing or sanitizing is recommended.


We strongly recommend that everyone is vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as possible.


Anyone with COVID symptoms should be reminded to stay at home.

Our previous documents of COVID measures can be seen here: