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Bookings - Room Details

Please note that prices of rooms are per session

(i.e. a morning, afternoon or evening). These prices are new from September 2022 (4 years since the last increase).

Substantial discounts apply for regular users, multiple rooms or multiple sessions (details on application).

A kitchen is available which, depending on use, may incur a small additional charge.


Main Hall (size 12m x 9m) £85* per session

Rainbow Room (size 11m x 7.6m) £74* per session

(smaller rear hall)

Clifton Room (size 10m x 6.7m) £58 per session

(coffee lounge)

Garden Room (size 7.8m x 6m) £46 per session

Upper Room (size 5.7m x 4.4m) £35 per session

*including £16 surcharge for parties

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