St John's Monthly Prayers

We are pleased to announce the launch of a prayer initiative for St John’s, and we very much hope everyone involved in our church community will support us with this.  The prayer initiative consists of the following 3 things:


Firstly - Each month, we will identify 2 or 3 aspects of our church life to focus on in our prayers - see St John's prayer for the month

These aspects of church life will also be mentioned during the intercession prayers at every service taking place at St John’s – they will also be included in our prayer-chain prayers.

Secondly - We have re-launched the church “Prayer Board” and we are encouraging everyone to put the names of people or situations they would like prayers for on it.  It could be a prayer for yourself, for someone you know (with their permission) or an issue or situation you are concerned about.  We encourage you to use this prayer board regularly so that as a congregation we can support each other more easily through prayer, as well as praying together as a church community for wider concerns that may affect us all.


Finally – we encourage all church groups – bible study groups, church committees, and other St John’s groups that meet regularly to spend some time during their meetings to pray together – focusing specifically on the aspects of church life identified for that month.

We are delighted to have a growth plan for St John’s – and we very much hope that with everyone’s prayerful support, our church community will grow by reaching out to more people of all ages and from all walks of life in the local area.

There is also a Circuit Prayer Diary which can be found via the buttons below.