Climate Justice for All

CJ4A British Call Launch_ Graphic.png

Join Climate Justice for All in calling on the President of COP26, Alok Sharma, to ask him to seek climate justice for all at COP26.


Methodists in Britain are invited to sign an Open Letter to the President of COP26 and leader of the UK’s representation at the conference. The letter is a passionate message inspired by the voices of Methodists across Britain who contributed at CJ4A’s consultation sessions earlier this year. The letter captures the heart and passion of what church members wanted to say to world leaders ahead of COP26.


Now CJ4A are asking YOU to do TWO things to help make the open letter a success:


1: Sign the open letter. Scan the QR code or click the link to fill out your information as requested.


2. Share the open letter. After you’ve signed up, share the letter with as many people in your church community as possible! Send them the QR code or the link, and tell them why you were inspired to sign the letter.


Our hope is to see as many Methodists in Britain as possible signing the Call and joining us as we stand up for climate justice for all!